LED Light Therapy

15 minutes // $39         
30 minutes // $59

Great add-on for any facial! LUMINIX LED light, is a non-invasive and completely safe natural light (similar to morning sunlight without harmful UV rays) to produce more collagen. Great for skin rejuvenation and treating minor acne. No down time. The added value of this treatment is relaxation. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting on the beach!

  • Red LED light – effectively increase the collagen thickness and improve elastic fibres (elastin)
  • Blue LED light – reduce inflammation and effectively treat acnes and blemishes which also speeds up the healing process.

LUMIÈRE Collagen Booster Mask

15 minutes // $39

The collagen booster mask will immediately fill up fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look amazingly soft and plump.


15 minutes // $29

Refine your skin texture and stimulate your natural glow. This is a great add on if you are attending a special event. Your makeup will go on flawlessly after this peel!


Magic Brightening Eye Treatment

15 minutes // $49

This innovative eye treatment contains ingredients rich in anti-wrinkle pro-collagen peptides to stimulate new collagen, anti inflammatory and melanin reducing agents to minimize fine lines, improve bags and dark circles, firming & lifting the delicate eye area.

*Recommend a series of 3 treatments in 4 weeks and once a month as maintenance after completing the series

***Great treatment for the bride-to-be

Happy Hands Treatment

15 minutes // $29

An anti-aging hand treatment aimed at restoring youthful softness & smoothness to your hands.  It is enhanced with purified extract of snail slime to restore elasticity and strengthen the skin's barrier structure

Nourishing Lip Treatment

10 minutes // $29

Peel away dry, flaky skin on your lips, then treat with anti-wrinkle lip booster serum. Your lips will be hydrated, plump and shiny!