Our sense of smell is the most primitive of all our senses and has the power to alter our brain chemistry.

And when your brain is relaxed, your body has no choice but to melt as well.

Lumière body treatments include unique therapeutic benefits founded in the science of aromatherapy.


Aromatherapy utilizes plant essences, known as essential oils, to treat health conditions and optimize body wellness at the cellular level.  Every oil has a unique set of properties that are gently experienced either through inhalation (via smell) or absorption (via touch).

Essential oils often have antibacterial and antiviral properties that help the body relax and release tension in our immune, lymphatic, nervous and energetic systems


 LUMIÈRE  Aromatherapy Massage & Body Treatments


Aromatherapy Massage
Tension Relief & Balance Nervous System

45 minutes // $79
60 minutes // $99
90 minutes // $129
120 minutes  // $169

This soothing aromatic massage combines the power of pure essential oils with specific massage techniques based on the healing methodologies of both East and West:

✦ Acupressure
✦ Swedish massage
✦ Lymphatic drainage
✦ Reflexology

This unraveling treatment stimulates the nervous system, relieves muscular tension, encourages healthy circulation, and aids with effective elimination of waste and toxins.

We'll begin with brief consultation that allows your therapist to create a custom essential oil blend to support your physical and emotional needs (which helps deepen the release of your muscles.

Aromatherapy Body Scrub & Wrap Treatment

60 minutes // $109

This intensely hydrating and powerfully soothing body treatment includes gentle and effective skin softening with an exfoliating scrub (a lovely blend of sweet almond oil, dead sea salt, coffee and grapefruit oil).

That is followed by layers of hydrating and regenerating aromatherapy oil, gel, and cream.

While you’re cocooned in warm blankets, we'll perform an Ayurvedic scalp massage with Enrich Hair Oil to nourish and condition your hair.  

Your Body Scrub and Wrap will be customized specifically for your skin's condition, sensitivity, and dryness. 

The powerful combination of pure essential oils and relaxing heat encourages your pores to release and eliminate toxins. The process also re-mineralizes your body and can help you move beyond aches and sluggishness due to over-indulgence, stressful work hours, and travel.


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