BABOR Reversive 3pcs Gift Set

BABOR Reversive 3pcs Gift Set

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Anti-aging set with the Re-Youth Complex

Product features

  • Reversive anti-aging dual serum
  • Reversive anti-aging cream
  • Reversive anti-aging mask
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Product information

Reversive anti-aging dual serum
Applied as a four-week intensive treatment, Reversive anti-aging dual serum unlocks your individual beauty potential. Combined with the ultrafine micro-emulsion, the active ingredients penetrate much deeper and faster into the skin than previous BABOR formulations. Instantly leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and smoother to the touch.

Reversive anti-aging cream
An anti-aging facial cream with the exclusive BABOR precision formula for smoother and more even-toned complexion. Contains high-performance active ingredi- ents that combat collagen breakdown and prevent oxidative damage, with results you can see and feel. Your skin’s individual youthful radiance is restored.

Reversive anti-aging mask
An intensive anti-aging mask with the the BABOR- exclusive precision formula for firmer, younger-looking skin. It promotes cell activity by protecting the cell’s telomeres and stimulating the longevity gene SIRT-1. Your skin looks more even and has a firmer and more youthful appearance.