Ultra Gentle 24 Hour Nutricream (sensitive)

Ultra Gentle 24 Hour Nutricream (sensitive)


Ultra Gentle 24 Hour Nutricream: soothing and repairing with elicina

Characteristics: It provides nourishment to sensitive skin, calming redness, burning and other reactions that can cause discomfort. It is very rich in elicina (snail slime concentrate) and has multiple actions: soothing, regenerating, anti-reddening, moisturizing, provides for a more even complexion, anti-aging.

Highly tolerable formulation for fragile and hyper-reactive skin.

Preservative-free and without fragrance allergens.

Nickel tested*. * Even a residual presence of nickel content can cause allergic reactions or sensitization in particularly sensitive individuals. Each batch is analyzed to make sure that the nickel content is lower than 0.00001%.

How to use: apply every morning on décolleté, neck and face, avoiding the area around the eyes and massaging until completely absorbed.

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