RVB Skin Lab 24-Hour Matifying Anti-Age Cream

RVB Skin Lab 24-Hour Matifying Anti-Age Cream


Anti-imperfections and firming cream for acne-prone skin

Content 50ml

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Characteristics: Shiny skin, dilated pores, imperfections are not only problems for young people. They can also return when we are adults, therefore specific cosmetics and special matt-effect and non-oily, but also moisturising and anti-ageing are needed. This cream is the ideal treatment for contrasting wrinkles on skin that is also stained (due to age and scars), dilated pores and irregular colouring.

Day after day, it refines the texture of the skin, makes it more elastic and gives back a uniform, fresh complexion and smooth, toned skin. With special sebum-absorbing powders for a matt effect and a sensation of long-lasting purity and wellbeing.

* Even a residual presence of nickel content can cause allergic reactions or sensitization in particularly sensitive individuals. Each batch is analyzed to make sure that the nickel content is lower than 0.00001%.

How to use: apply mornings on the face, neck and décolleté avoiding the area around the eyes and massage until it is completely absorbed.