Selfcare was my WIN for 2017!

What is your New Year Intentions?

What is your New Year Intentions?

It’s been many years since I’ve made any NY resolutions. To be honest, I’ve switched to making NY intentions...less rigid than resolutions, and more flexible to adjust throughout the year as I feel called.

One of the big lessons for me in 2017 was the value of self care!  2015 was a year of “The Hustle” for me; opening LUMIÈRE, excited about the possibilities but also overwhelmed by everything a new business requires. By the time spring 2016 rolled around I was completely exhausted and feeling burnt out :( Something had to change because I realized I had sacrifice my self-care and I was paying the high price of stress + anxiety.

As we rolled into 2017, I let go of being a control freak. I also let go of self criticism and self judgement that contribute to fear, anxiety, and anger. Instead, I took on new self-supporting interests like Aromatherapy, Journaling and Meditation. I also renewed my commitment to monthly body massage and regular exercising. The overwhelm still sometimes creeps up, but I now have crystal clear awareness that my level self-care is directly related to consistently showing up in my life and business at my highest level. If I’m slacking on it, I feel it right away!

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