Make Valentine's Day about Self-love

self-love lumiere spa
self-love lumiere spa

Self-love is essential to living well. But what does self-love really mean? Treating yourself every once in a while? Making sure you have enough me time? These are things we easily forget to do with work and responsibilities piling up and occupying our minds every day.

Sometimes it’s important to remind yourself to take a breather and focus on your own well-being.

Here are 7 ways you can improve an all too important relationship, the one you have with yourself:

  1. Be mindful of your own needs: Focus on what you want rather than what other people want. You deserve it. Really.
  1. Practice:People high in self-love nourish themselves daily through healthy activities, like sound nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy and healthy social interactions.
  1. Bring the Right People into your Life: They say you are the product of the five people closest to you. Spend time with people that lift up your spirits and get rid of those who bring your down.
  1. Set Boundaries:It may be difficult at first, but you’re practicing self-love when you set limits or say “no” to activities that deplete you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself: We all tend to be critical with ourselves. Look in the mirror (or close your eyes) and try to "see" the attributes that the others admire about you.
  1. Get out in nature: Research supports the benefits of being outdoors on our mood and self esteem. Schedule time to go outside; take a walk (or take your entire workout) outside for some fresh air. Personally, I take my Scottie for a walk when my brain feels foggy or I listen to negative self-talk.
  1. Book some ME time: The power of touch has incredible healing and nurturing effects. Book a facial or massage (or both together!) that has been proven to help release stress, improve low self-esteem and uplift your mood…plus your skin will look great and your muscles relaxed!


The Home Spa Experience

 couple-tub-champagne-candle lumiere skin health & wellness centre, downtown vancouver

couple-tub-champagne-candle lumiere skin health & wellness centre, downtown vancouver

Want to create an intimate spa occasion at home with your partner? It’s an incredibly thoughtful way to show how much you care when you take the effort to create this exclusive evening yourselves.

Pamper your beloved with their favorite treats from the Spa Boutique at Lumière. You may not know what will create a special Valentines spa evening at home, but your Lumière professionals do!

Feel free to stop in so we can help you choose the desired products to make your spa date night extraordinary! Add flowers and candles and you’re all set!

Take advantage of these offers and book an appointment with Marvice at 604.306.7531


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doctor babor ampoules
doctor babor ampoules