August Facial Promotion

RVB Skin Lab Oxygen + Detox Facial - Oxygenates. Revitalizes. Enlightens.

Usually - $109, This Month - $89 [Treatment Time: 60 minutes]

Your skin looks dehydrated, tired, dull and got blemishes? These tell tale signs indicate your skin might have been exposed too much to smoke, pollution, sun, wind and frenetic rhythms of life. The accumulation of toxins reduce the vascularity and the supply of oxygen to skin tissues. RVB Skin Lab oxygenating treatment gives a boost of oxygen and vitality to your skin as it facilitates the removal of toxins, it stimulates the local microcirculation and helps the oxygenation of tissues, giving the skin its natural freshness and brightness.

The strength of our treatments: O3 - OZONIDES.

The ozonides are highly stable forms of ozone obtained through a patented process that binds -stabilizing it- the ozone to vegetable oils (jojoba oil, in our case).
Ozone in the ozonides is capable of freeing oxygen in contact with the skin with multiple beneficial actions:

* stimulates the local microcirculation

* encourages the metabolic activity of fibroblasts (with an increased production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid)

* restores the hydrolipidic film, stimulates the cellular antioxidant response, accelerates the mechanisms of regeneration and cell renewal against skin aging.

* regulates the sebaceous secretion and has a strong purifying action, which makes it suitable even for the treatment of oily and impure skin.



It revitalizes the face, making tissues brighter, toned and elastic.



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