Spa Packages make a great gift or luxurious treat for everyday or special occasions.

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To begin your spa time in the most relaxing way possible, we'll invite you to sip a cup of organic herbal tea while enjoying a therapeutic foot soak prior to your treatments.


Stress Be Gone

180 minutes // $369

Our signature and most popular spa package for dislodging any stress your body is clenching. Stress Be Gone is the ultimate indulgence—for face, body, and nerves.


  • Herbal Foot Bath – Softens calluses, normalizes foot perspiration, and gives you a feeling of invigorating freshness right from the start!
  • Aromatherapy Body Scrub & Body Wrap – Customized based on your body condition to effectively treat dry skin, encourage the release and elimination of toxins, re-mineralize your body, and help you get over sluggishness due to over-indulgence, stressful work projects, or travel.
  • BABOR Skin Performance Facial  – While you are cocooned in your body wrap, a customized BABOR Skin Performance facial will be performed to remove stress and fatigue from your skin.
  • Full Body Aromatherapy + Lava Shell Relaxation Massage – Your treatment will finish with an unforgettable pampering massage.

Stress IS gone.



“Oh, My Glow” Body & Face Treatment

130 minutes //$249

By the end of this treatment, the skin on your face and body will simply glow and your energy levels will be completely recharged!


  • Dead Sea Salt Body Glow* – Minerals directly from the Dead Sea are combined with an aromatic body wash to polish your skin to silky perfection. Clinical study has shown the effectiveness of Dead Sea Salt for treating skin inflammation, eczema, and psoriasis.  After your gentle scrub, your skin will be massaged with aromatherapy gel, creams, and oils to quench and remineralize your body.
  • If client has highly sensitive skin, please let your therapist know.  We will perform a sugar peeling, in subsitute of the Dead Sea Salt Body Glow
  • BABOR Skin Performance Facial - While you are cocooned, a customized BABOR Skin Performance Facial will be performed, to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. With your custom facial mask on, a Shiatsu scalp massage or aromatherapy hand massage will be performed.
  • Herbal Foot Bath – Soak and soften calluses while normalizing foot perspiration. You'll feel stress free and invigorated from head to toe!

Great Sensory Escape

100 minutes // $219

A bliss relaxation experience for your face and body.

  • Aromatherapy + Lava Shell Back Massage – We will select the most suitable aromatherapy oil combination for you from our eleven pre-blended award-winning oils. Your upper body, along the spine and neck, traps an enormous amount of tension. We'll dislodge it so you can feel a sense of release and relaxation you just can't get anywhere else.
  • BABOR Skin Performance Facial  – While your mind and body is completely relaxed, you are will receive a customized facial that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes your skin. With your custom facial mask on, you'll enjoy a Shiatsu scalp massage or aromatherapy hand massage.
  • Herbal Foot Bath – Soak and soften your calluses while normalizing foot perspiration. Experience true bliss!